Training & Research At Peel Croft Surgery


Dr Faarup is a registered trainer for the West Midlands Deanery. This practice accepts G.P.Registrars and other doctors as part of their continuing development. If you are a doctor interested in joining the practice on a training attachment, please contact either Dr Faarup or the Practice Manager, Debbie Melling.

For patients the only effect this training may have is that on occasions the doctors may be using a video camera to record a consultation, and you may be asked to agree to this- you have every right to refuse if you so wish.

The practice also undertakes training for students from Derby Medical School.


This surgery has recently been accredited to undertake medical research. Usually this research will not involve information on individuals being disclosed. Where exceptionally individual details are required, these will only be disclosed after consent has been obtained.

Consent will only be requested after full and careful discussion with any individual, to ensure they understand the purpose and nature of the research, and what it involves.

You will always have the right to decline to take part.

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